Acronis v/s CodeGuard Comparison


Acronis Cyber Backup

Recommended backup product for Shared Hosting products that run on cPanel and Plesk

Recommended backup product for VPS and Dedicated servers

Can be purchased independently.

Cannot be purchased independently. You needs to have at least 1 VPS or Dedicated order

The way we have integrated the product, its setup is manual

No manual setup is required. As soon as the customer purchases the product, we will be automatically setting up the product. For a few error cases, some manual intervention would be required

You manage their backup settings from within the CodeGuard panel

You manage their backup settings from within the Acronis panel (same as CodeGuard)

Mapping between the Shared Hosting order and the CodeGuard account is achieved through FTP credentials and DB password

Mapping between the VPS/Dedi server and the Acronis account is achieved by the installation of an Acronis client file (agent) on the server

CodeGuard can backs up websites 

Acronis backs up entire server contents 

CodeGuard is priced according to the plan purchased. CodeGuard has many plans with different number of websites and different backup disk space

Acronis Cyber Backup does not have any plans. It is simply sold on a per GB per month basis. Any number of servers can be backed up to the same Acronis account

You cannot directly upgrade the CodeGuard plans that they buy.

You can easily add more space to their Acronis account whenever they wish 

You cannot restore the backup of one website to another website using CodeGuard

You can restore backups of one server to another server using Acronis