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Customizing the Page Titles of the SuperSite 2 and PartnerSite

You can customize the Title of every HTML Page that exists in your SuperSite 2 / PartnerSite. This page title is seen in the title bar, at the top of your browser window.

To customize the Title of HTML pages

  1. Login to your SuperSite 2 / PartnerSite Admin Area. 1

  2. Under the My Languages section for SuperSite 2 or My Language PartnerSites section for PartnerSite, click Manage Site besides the Language SuperSite 2 / PartnerSite, where you wish to make these changes.

  3. Under the Edit/Translate Website Content section, click on Edit Content.

  4. This will lead you to a list of folders that contain the content for all pages in the SuperSite 2 / Partnersite. Click on Browse adjacent the Misc folder.

  5. Here, look for the file Page_titles.txt, and click Edit adjacent to the page name.

  6. You will notice that only the SuperSite 2 / Partnersite default pages and their respective page tiles are listed within the textboxes. To customize their page titles, you need to simply edit the text appearing on the right of the equals (=) sign, within the Your Modified Text in <your current selected Language> textbox.

    For Example, the login page is by default titled as Login Page in your SuperSite 2

    login=Login Page

    You may modify this page title, by simply replacing Login Page by say Customer Login Page, within the Your Modified Text in <your current selected Language> textbox. So now the Your Modified Text in <your current selected Language> textbox would display the following:

    login=Customer Login Page

    You can of course, also specify the page titles of every page uploaded by you. To do this simply insert the page name and its title at the bottom of the Your Modified Text in <your current selected Language> textbox as follows:

    your_uploaded_file name=its page title

    • It is recommended that while making modifications to the menu data, you click the Lock Scroll checkbox. This scrolls both the Original Text as well as the Your Modified Text in <your current selected Language> textboxes simultaneously, such that you can easily review the original SuperSite 2 / PartnerSite content while you are modifying it.

    • If you wish to reduce the number of times you have to scroll through the textboxes, you may click on the Increase Size link.

  7. Once you have modified all the page titles to your liking, simply click the Save Changes button to submit your changes.

  • You will have to repeat the above process, if you have configured multiple languages for your SuperSite 2 / PartnerSite.

  • If you are not satisfied with the modifications and wish to revert to the earlier setting, from the Edit view, click Reset to Default.